Today is the warmest summer day in Sweden so far, with a reported 24 degrees Celsius that feels much warmer in the sun. Most Swedes – and consequently, most Pieces – are in a well deserved holiday, but a handful of us are still here this week. We will all be off in a holiday starting next week, so we were talking about our plans.

Regardless of what we will do in a holiday, one fact is certain: Steam Sales matter. Quite a lot, for some of us, actually, and probably quite a lot for many gamers out there. Whomever said you can only take a break in a physical location; why can’t you take a break from Geosheler Alpha in Tamriel, or maybe Novigrad with a brief visit in Skellige? (more…)

KTC Arena

Whatever happened last week?

Here at Pieces, we gather every Friday and play the latest developments in Kill to Collect together. This is a common practice if you practice SCRUM, but there’s nothing formal or business’y about our Friday build review meetings. We just start the game on a big screen, talk about the features that were developed over the week, about the new items, new characters, and oftentimes we look over concept art and ideas that we want to implement next. These meetings feel like a celebration, and they help keeping us all on track and on the same page.



Hey! Our new Pieces Interactive website is LIVE!

We updated our web presence because we really wanted to include & highlight more ways to interact with you! So now, brand new and shiny, we have:

  • A blog on the Front Page! You can now see our activity right away. And we do intent to keep this blog updated!
  • Twitter feed, right on the front page! Just in case you don’t use Twitter, you can still see our daily chatter!
  • Our collected social presence! All our social links, such as Facebook, YouTUBE, LinkedIn, are in one place now, and you can easily follow us wherever you prefer!
  • A Subscribe function! You can ad your e-mail, and we will send you updates directly in your inbox!


Even though we moved to our new offices in November last year, we never got around to organize an office inauguration party. Since then, we finished Magicka 2, which was launched in May 26th, we obtained funding and unveiled our new baby, Kill to Collect. All in all, lots of reasons to celebrate, which is what we did on Friday June 12!


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On Thursday June 11th, we had a very early breakfast with the business people around Gothia Science Park who really wanted to try out locally produced games. Sweden Game Arena organized a mini-expo and we were invited to participate alongside 8 other studios, including Coffee Stain, Guru Games and the new and rapidly rising  Mindblown Studios.