Even though we still think of Kill to Collect as a pre-alpha project (because, dammit, we are not ready yet and everything you see IS work in progress!), we do have quite good continuous playable builds so we started focus testing.

Luckily for us, we have about 20 something indie studios as neighbors as well as a game oriented university some 5 minutes of walk away. So a few weeks ago, we started to invite folks over, just to try out the game, and we learned a lot about our players’ experience in the process. If there is one thing you will remember from this blog post, let it be this: focus test early.

We are no experts when it comes to focus testing, so we approached this task organically. For our first test sessions, we did not have a specific agenda, we just wanted to be silent observers to see how people completely new to the game would react.  We did however have a few theories that we really wanted to validate. One was strictly related to the length of a bounty run, specifically how long it takes new players to successfully complete one. We also knew some of the problems the game poses, such as the clarity of the items that are dropped, and if player really use what they gather – if it is easy to understand how to use the items in the first place.



In most parts of the world, making games is in itself a privilege. In Sweden, this is even more so a privilege since there is so much help and so many effervescent, creative movements to lift the video games industry as high as possible. And within Sweden, Skövde is probably the best possible place to be in, because, besides the great help and the efforts via Sweden Game Arena to help all devs and shine a great light to what we do, there is an entire community that we are a part of, acting like a tsunami and engulfing us in a sea of opportunities.

These days our friends & neighbors from Coffee Stain Studios made possible an unexpected visit at Sweden Game Arena: John Graham and Thomas Glenn from Humble Bundle took a brief studios tour here at Gothia Science Park and also paid us a visit. It was brief and unexpected, but amazing: how cool can it be to have the Humble bunch just drop by? We welcomed them and tried to capture the moment for eternity, unfortunately our marketing person (hey that’s me!) kinda sux at taking pictures. Well, we have what we have!

Humble (more…)


There’s no single word that can possibly describe GamesCom, Europe’s largest game fair. Some numbers listed on the official website claim over 340000 visitors, more than 6000 journalists and over 700 exhibitors from all around the world, for 2014. This year, rumor has it the number hit the 400000 mark, and it certainly felt that way. It’s simply overwhelming!


Ready, Steady, Go! The Public opening – Photos courtesy of Sebastian Bularca/ Sweden Game Arena

Several of us from Pieces attended GamesCom together with Sweden Game Arena, who had an amazing booth in the business section. Our interest was mainly business and we managed to have a bunch of excellent meetings which will hopefully result in great news for you gamer folks – Fingers Crossed! :) Under the Sweden Game Arena umbrella, we were accompanied by  7 other neighbor studios and collectively we had a total of 10 great new games to show. The company was awesome, and this is probably the most important ingredient for a good GamesCom! So dear folks from Guru Games, PocApp, Palindrome, Mindblown Studios, Ludosity, Coilworks, and AirBrawl – thank you! And a special thanks to Sweden Game Arena for the support provided so that us game devs of Skövde can conquer the world! (more…)


In our previous blog post, we spoke about our motivation and drive to develop Kill to Collect as a game that addresses the needs of adult, mature, and experienced gamers. We explained how all players will start a session on equal terms and why Kill to Collect will offer intense, bite sized sessions, regardless of the amount of time players have to invest in the game. But now it’s time to dig a little big more into gameplay, which is currently focused on four playable characters that you can choose from, at the beginning of every session.


Once you start Kill to Collect, you will end up in the “lobby” – in our case, this is a really funky cyberpunk bar where bounty hunters hang out. We’ve got four of them currently, each with unique abilities that determine the way you’ll experience a bounty run. Names are currently temporary though:



One week from now, you will be able to find us in Cologne, Germany, attending one of the biggest game oriented shows, GamesCom. We will, of course, show an early build of Kill to Collect, but we will not have a stand of our own, instead we will join along Sweden Game Arena in the business section, Hall 02.1, Stand C015. Here’s a map.

This is the first time we are bringing Kill to Collect to a large scale event, so we think the moment is ripe to explain more about the game. As you might already know, Kill to Collect is an action dungeon brawler with roguelike elements set in a Cyberpunk universe, where you play the role of a bounty hunter who takes up missions and executes targets in the deeper levels of Geoshelter Alpha.


Now, this is a nice description but it doesn’t say much about the actual experience of playing Kill to Collect. And to understand the kind of experience we want to offer, it’s important to know that we at Pieces are not exactly young anymore. Most of us have a family and kids; add a full time job to that (no matter how fun it is), and you’re placed in a situation where scraping some game time for yourself becomes very difficult. Especially if you want to play with your friends, some of whom might be in the same situation as you.



Today is the warmest summer day in Sweden so far, with a reported 24 degrees Celsius that feels much warmer in the sun. Most Swedes – and consequently, most Pieces – are in a well deserved holiday, but a handful of us are still here this week. We will all be off in a holiday starting next week, so we were talking about our plans.

Regardless of what we will do in a holiday, one fact is certain: Steam Sales matter. Quite a lot, for some of us, actually, and probably quite a lot for many gamers out there. Whomever said you can only take a break in a physical location; why can’t you take a break from Geosheler Alpha in Tamriel, or maybe Novigrad with a brief visit in Skellige? (more…)

KTC Arena

Whatever happened last week?

Here at Pieces, we gather every Friday and play the latest developments in Kill to Collect together. This is a common practice if you practice SCRUM, but there’s nothing formal or business’y about our Friday build review meetings. We just start the game on a big screen, talk about the features that were developed over the week, about the new items, new characters, and oftentimes we look over concept art and ideas that we want to implement next. These meetings feel like a celebration, and they help keeping us all on track and on the same page.