Kill to Collect



Kill to Collect is a cyberpunk roguelike for up to four player co‐op that is designed for short bursts of intense gameplay sessions, rewarding players for their skilled survival. Featuring procedurally generated levels, Kill to Collect brings a constant challenge and no two experiences are the same ‐‐ every interaction could make the difference between life and death.

Set in Geoshelter Alpha, a dangerous and dystopian world that is the last known city on Earth, hired bounty “Hunters”must traverse the lawless slums below defeating waves of enemies to reinstill peace and order. Whether hired for money or glory, the “Hunters” all follow the same code: Kill to Collect.


  • Diverse Gameplay: ​Use one of four unique “Hunters” offering a different gameplay experience for every single player run. When these four disparate characters are combined into a co‐op party, it can result in a complementary team concluding in a champion campaign. The playable characters includes:
    • Kate Katana​ ‐‐ Losing her eye to treachery from her own clan, Kate decided that family and honor has no place in her mind. She left it all behind to inflict damage on scum with a nice upclose slash to their torso
    • Ivan Ironfist ​‐‐ ​Choosing to listen to music vs. verbally communicating, Ivan’s actions are louder than words as he makes quick work of his opponents without needing physical weapons as a Biomata character
    • Riot Ray ​‐‐ A former Corps Officer with a grumpy, loud attitude, Ray is a brute of a character preferring to use a riot gun and energy shield to plow through enemy waves
    • Shocking Shelly ​‐‐ An intellectually gifted scavenger mechanic, Shelly has developed her own special weapons relying on self‐made turrets, rocket boosters and an electric staff to outsmart the competition
  • Strategic Co‐Op Multiplayer​: Encouraging collaboration and precision, Kill to Collect offers a unique co‐op multiplayer experience so you can team up with friends to face the perils ahead.
  • Hours of Entertainment: ​No run is the same as Kill to Collect features procedurally generated rooms, many enemy types, a variety of weapons to discover and three different game modes to play ‐‐ replayability is sky high
  • Thematically 80’s Cyberpunk: ​Inspired by 80’s cyberpunk anime and manga classics like Ghost in a Shell, Kill to Collect delivers an action‐packed, atmospheric experience with a synthwave soundtrack to power your runs

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