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Pieces Interactive has it’s share of game prototypes that never made it to full games for various reasons. These got the furthest in development.

Walkie Tonky

This game was prototyped in Game Maker and had a fully playable level and a boss. It went through some changes and there was even some full 3D tests for the game. Excerpt from the pitch doc:


Walkie Tonky is a physics-based, side-scrolling walk‘em up action game that puts you in the shoes of a giant robot invading earth.

In Walkie Tonky the player controls a big robot, crashing and smashing his way through different environments using physics and motion controls. The player’s job is to create as much mayhem and destruction as mechanically possible!

The game is seen and played from a side-scrolling 2D perspective with the camera and the robot constantly moving forward. The player can control the robot’s forwards- and backwards momentum, as well as his height. This is done by extracting and retracting his legs, enabling him to step over high obstacles, duck when necessary and kick enemies beyond the horizon.

Throughout the game, the player will control one of four different robots on an action-filled journey through many of the greatest locations on Earth; see the Statue of Liberty, climb the Eiffel Tower and go head to head with the Sphinx. The game mixes the pacing of horizontal scrolling shoot’em ups with the brawling of beat’em ups and tops it off with a fine coating of physics-induced chaos!

The game is targeted more towards players with some experience in video games. However, the core mechanics of the game rely more on an worldly understanding of physical play than becoming skilled with the controls.

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Kite in the Sky

Kite in the Sky was the game we worked on after we finished work with Puzzlegeddon and Fret Nice for consoles. Initially known as Kindle, we later renamed it because Amazon released the Kindle reader. We had a playable version up and running on PC which is shown in the trailers below. There was even a version up and running in flash. Excerpt from the pitch doc:


Kite in the sky is an aerobatic action-adventure that fuses elegant flying elements and wall jumping with thrilling fight or flight mechanics, set in a harsh and edgy folktale!


Set in an ancient, harsh world of myths and legends, you control the Kite – a powerful dragon-like being, reborn into the realms of a vast, dark castle and bound to the element of light. Scale the castle walls, soar through the sky, fight enemies and break the mysterious iron chains which shackle the world…

The game is played from a side-view perspective and features rich 3D environments (2.5D). The core gameplay is based on directly controlling the kite through the puzzling and often hostile environments by combining forceful platforming with acrobatic flight elements and physics-infused puzzles & action. An essential part is the graceful feeling and satisfaction of just controlling the kite in tight loops and turns, creating an almost serene experience.

The platforming and flying is layered with game mechanics based on using and developing the kite’s light-based abilities to solve puzzles and fight the dark enemies that dwell in the shadows. As a being of light, the kite must in some dark areas find light sources to stay alive, thus requiring to strategically and skillfully navigate the kite between light sources. The light can also be used against the dark enemies in the game.

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Orbit was a quick pitch we did for a mobile game using GPS positioning. A fun idea that never got off the ground. Excerpt from the pitch doc:


Use your and your friends’ real world positions on Earth to explore a fantastic universe surrounding the planet!

The world of Orbit is in an alternative colorful space surrounding Earth. Not too different from our own space, but with the major difference that none of it has been explored as the player starts playing Orbit. Many fantastic things exist in this space, some of it may be beautiful artifacts, weird and abstract objects tickling the imagination. Even new planets or, dare we hope, forms of life may be stumbled upon in the space world of Orbit!

With Orbit the player gets a direct link to this space in his/her iPhone, and can explore it by using real world coordinates as navigation. The player uses his/her own location as a starting point for excursions, or connects with other player to share navigational nodes in space!

Orbit is based on the notion that the space is unknown for the player and entertains the feeling that the world of Orbit might even exist above our heads!

In Orbit players use the GPS functionality of their iPhone to place navigational nodes in an easy-to-use map-like interface symbolizing the space above Earth. Through the placement of the nodes more and more of the Earth can be monitored.

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