Fret Nice

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Rock on and harmonize the unity between music and 2D platformer! As you control your character through the artful stages, you play the game as if it was a jammin’ rock song. Blast your enemies with riff combos and create your own soundtracks with each “strum” of a chord. You will have an ever-changing experience each time a stage is repeated.


  • Audio Dynamics – Notes you play in riff combos are in tune with the current key of the stages’ songs, allowing you to play along with the action
  • Character Customization – Choose your character and customize its hair, clothes and instruments!
  • Unlockables – As you play through the game, new instruments and customizable items can be bought!
  • Online Leaderboards – The scores from each level played are posted on online leaderboards. Keep playing for the highest score and beat the competition!