Our goal is to make awesome games! 

In our quest to do this we are guided by these shared values:

We put the Team first!

We started this studio out of our passion for games and game development. We wanted and still want  to make games that bring players together, allow them to smile, feel good and have fun. During the years we learned -to no surprise- that this is best achieved when everyone in the team has fun, enjoys their work and feels included. We are all a Piece of our puzzle, each important in our individual way and complete only as a team. We are positive, supportive and encouraging towards each other and thus strengthening the team spirit.

We are always Professional!

We value professionalism so we always act as such, both in terms of always striving to deliver best possible quality on time and also to never stop learning and improving our skills and ways. For us, professional doesn’t only imply the outcome of the work, but also the process of getting there, being respectful and having an open mind. Being pragmatic when making decisions for the good of the project is key for us.

We are Proud!

We are proud of our games and proud each time we put a smile on the face of a gamer. We are proud of our team and our accomplishments. We are proud of our approach, methods and attitude. We are very proud each time a publisher entrusts us with a project and we take pride in adding a Piece of us into that.