Pieces Interactive AB is a privately held game development studio located in Skövde, Sweden.

We are one of the first studios to open doors in the game hub that is now known as Sweden Game Arena. Since 2006, we released over 10 games and DLCs on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android. If  Puzzlegedon, Leviathan: Warships or Magicka are familiar names to you, you’ve probably experienced our work.

By gamers for gamers

We are all shaped by the games we played, both as people and as game developers. We hope to carry on this legacy which is why we make games for people who consider themselves gamers. We aim to offer experiences that are easy to enjoy regardless of your age, by offering shorter, intense play sessions best enjoyed with friends.

We’ll offer you plenty of enemies to smack, but that will be just one of the many facets we strive to bring in our games. We appreciate good humor, strategic, collaborative play and uniquely styled graphics – so we do the best we can to provide that!

Team comes first

We started this studio out of our passion for games and game development. Even though we have a professional mentality when it comes to profit, business and sustainability, our most important focus is our happiness as a group of passionate game creators, because it has a way to reflect in what we do. We want to make games that allow our players to feel good and have fun. We want to make our players smile, and we can’t do that if we ourselves aren’t in a good mood. We want to bring people together through our games, and the friendship we share helps us do that.

Own IPs and work for hire

We like to develop our own IPs, but also provide work for hire. For example, we are the devs behind many Magicka DLCs as well as Magicka 2. Keeping an eye on our own games as well as work for hire is good business practice, but it goes far beyond that. We love so many games out there, and thoroughly enjoy expanding any good experience, which is why we generally get highly excited when we get the opportunity to take an existing IP to a higher level.


We are fortunate to have the support of many good people who want to see quality games on the market. Our investors include ALMI, Skaraborg Invest, Gothia Science Park Invest, Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group, Bengt Sjöberg, Noah Clason and a number of other prominent private investors.