In our previous blog post, we spoke about our motivation and drive to develop Kill to Collect as a game that addresses the needs of adult, mature, and experienced gamers. We explained how all players will start a session on equal terms and why Kill to Collect will offer intense, bite sized sessions, regardless of the amount of time players have to invest in the game. But now it’s time to dig a little big more into gameplay, which is currently focused on four playable characters that you can choose from, at the beginning of every session.


Once you start Kill to Collect, you will end up in the “lobby” – in our case, this is a really funky cyberpunk bar where bounty hunters hang out. We’ve got four of them currently, each with unique abilities that determine the way you’ll experience a bounty run. Names are currently temporary though:

  • Kate Katana is a melee type of hunter, carefully crafted to provide a good, versatile first contact with bounty hunting. She can dodge attacks fairly frequently and she has a special ability in the form of a powerful vertical slash that knocks down most surrounding enemies.
  • Ivan Ironfist, named as such for his super shiny metal hands, is, like Kate, another close combat character. He can teleport frequently but only on short ranges.  His unique arm implants grant him a special ability called double punch which also burns his enemies.
  • Riot Ray  is your shotgun guy, sort of. His range attacks cause burst melee damage. Being quite a heavy built, he can defend himself quite nicely, and can even jump. His special ability is however, a shield bash that knocks down everything in his path, and inflicts a great deal of damage.
  • Simona Support is a crazy mechanic that combines close melee combat with super handy ranged attacks provided by her awesome turrets, which she can place in combat. She likes to bash her enemies with vertical chops attacks, using a tool/ weapons that charges her immediate surroundings with electric arc swipes


A very Work In Progress hunter stats list, accessible from the lobby

In single player, you choose one of these hunters and go in a mission alone. In 4 players coop, every player may choose any hunter they wish, but we’ve designed Kate, Ivan, Ray and Simona to work excellently together. We are really curious to see what players will choose, since any combination of hunters and abilities should provide a serious level of challenge and should inspire different types of combat tactics. At Pieces, we each tend to have our favorites.

Of course, you must also choose a mission! It generally involves eliminating a particularly unpleasant target, but we will speak about that a little bit later!


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