KTC Arena

Whatever happened last week?

Here at Pieces, we gather every Friday and play the latest developments in Kill to Collect together. This is a common practice if you practice SCRUM, but there’s nothing formal or business’y about our Friday build review meetings. We just start the game on a big screen, talk about the features that were developed over the week, about the new items, new characters, and oftentimes we look over concept art and ideas that we want to implement next. These meetings feel like a celebration, and they help keeping us all on track and on the same page.

To test all the new shiny stuff quickly, we have a map called Arena where we can easily spawn new enemies, grab new in-game items and quickly try out new devices specially made for Geoshelter Alpha. The arena looks dull enough:



But if you are not careful or overly brave, you can die instantly. Of course everything here is Work In Progress!





If you are a developer, we are curious to know if you have any sort of testing rituals, and if you have an arena for testing, like we do.



Pieces Interactive