One week from now, you will be able to find us in Cologne, Germany, attending one of the biggest game oriented shows, GamesCom. We will, of course, show an early build of Kill to Collect, but we will not have a stand of our own, instead we will join along Sweden Game Arena in the business section, Hall 02.1, Stand C015. Here’s a map.

This is the first time we are bringing Kill to Collect to a large scale event, so we think the moment is ripe to explain more about the game. As you might already know, Kill to Collect is an action dungeon brawler with roguelike elements set in a Cyberpunk universe, where you play the role of a bounty hunter who takes up missions and executes targets in the deeper levels of Geoshelter Alpha.


Now, this is a nice description but it doesn’t say much about the actual experience of playing Kill to Collect. And to understand the kind of experience we want to offer, it’s important to know that we at Pieces are not exactly young anymore. Most of us have a family and kids; add a full time job to that (no matter how fun it is), and you’re placed in a situation where scraping some game time for yourself becomes very difficult. Especially if you want to play with your friends, some of whom might be in the same situation as you.

Speaking from our own, mature, older kind of gamer experience, these are the problems we encounter in most games:

  • Playing the game: many games require you to sit in front of your gaming system for hours
  • Mastering the game: many games require a serious time investment to reach the highest levels, to grind, or to simply learn the game
  • Playing the game with others: many games favor the players who have the most time to invest, so it becomes difficult for them to play with the friends who do not have as much time to invest as they do

With Kill to Collect, we wanted to offer a solid gameplay experience that’s not based on time investment, in any way. We wanted to bring players and friends together, regardless of how much or little time they have to invest. We wanted to offer an “easy to play, hard to master” kind of experience that draws from the actual playing skill, and not from any mechanics that require time investment to become more powerful, to level up.

The solutions that we found and implemented in Kill to Collect for the aforementioned problems are:

  • Playing the game: any Kill to Collect bounty hunting mission is designed to take between 10 to 30 minutes. That’s not to say we force the player in any way to abide by those times, but we designed all missions with those session times in mind.
  • Mastering the game: in Kill to Collect we separate the in-game progression and the general player progression. You might get some custom starting conditions in a bounty, but all players start on equal terms. Any progress that you do in a game-session is not saved. What you gain by playing is general player progression which unlocks more level tiers, more items, more vanity skins and, of course, bragging rights. But that’s it.
  • Playing the game with others: in Kill to Collect, everyone always starts a session with a clean slate, by selecting one of our initial four playable characters and a bounty mission. In coop, the host player may select missions from any tiers (based on what he unlocked so far), and all team members can join, regardless if they have unlocked that tier or not.


Intrigued? We welcome any questions! And our next blog post will detail our playable characters and how a Kill to Collect session takes place.




Pieces Interactive