There’s no single word that can possibly describe GamesCom, Europe’s largest game fair. Some numbers listed on the official website claim over 340000 visitors, more than 6000 journalists and over 700 exhibitors from all around the world, for 2014. This year, rumor has it the number hit the 400000 mark, and it certainly felt that way. It’s simply overwhelming!


Ready, Steady, Go! The Public opening

Several of us from Pieces attended GamesCom together with Sweden Game Arena, who had an amazing booth in the business section. Our interest was mainly business and we managed to have a bunch of excellent meetings which will hopefully result in great news for you gamer folks – Fingers Crossed! 🙂 Under the Sweden Game Arena umbrella, we were accompanied by  7 other neighbor studios and collectively we had a total of 10 great new games to show. The company was awesome, and this is probably the most important ingredient for a good GamesCom! So dear folks from Guru Games, PocApp, Palindrome, Mindblown Studios, Ludosity, Coilworks, and AirBrawl – thank you! And a special thanks to Sweden Game Arena for the support provided so that us game devs of Skövde can conquer the world!


The Sweden Game Arena bunch

We had little time to spare for a full GamesCom visit on the consumer section, but it did happen, and it was impressive. Blizzard prepared a massive presence and announced World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion,  which in real life meant some several tens of thousands of people in a single hall shouting loudly their support, a tremendous thing to witness. EA installed life sized ships in the consumer section to tease the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, and unveiled the dogfighting mode Fighter Squadron; Paradox announced Stellaris; Elite: Dangerous teased about the upcoming planetary landscapes, where you will soon be able to land; Mafia 3 was announced and, from the furtive glances, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst looks pretty awesome! Everybody was there, everybody had exciting announcements to make, simply too much for a mortal soul to cope with – and we didn’t even mention Dark Souls 3 :D. But the kindest, gentlest love was, as always and as it should, directed towards the indie section, were entire  walls invited thousands of fans and revelers to leave messages – and the result was heartwarming.


The Indies and the Wall of Love <3


Blizzard’s WoW: Legion announcement


Star Wars Battlefront: The force certainly has big ships


This feels nice <3 


The queue to try Dark Souls 3 took several hours, so we didn’t make it 🙁

See you next year at GamesCom 2016? Perhaps we can see each other sooner- now it’s time for the Sweden Game Conference, right here at home! The event unfolds between 14 and 16 of September, and there is a tremendous speaker line-up and, as always, awesome games to play! See you there, right? Get your tickets here.

Photos courtesy of Sebastian Bularca/ Sweden Game Arena

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