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Our final piece of the Bounty Hunter tactics guide. If you missed previous entries you can find out more about Kate, Ivan or Riot by following the links!

Shocking Shelly

This particular character could be more suited for patient and methodical players, almost a sort of support character. Shocking Shelly is at her best when you as a player scout the room and decide where to build your offense. With her ultimate ability that creates cute little turrets to help out, Shelly can conveniently control the space she’s in. Her ultimate ability also recharge much faster than the other characters so don’t be afraid to use it.

A key component in being succesful when playing Shelly is to have your turrets in mind at all times. Try to position your enemies between you and your turret, and most importantly, keep your turrets alive for as long as possible. Finding good spots to place the turrets in each room and learning how to position your enemies are skills to master when playing as this character.

With the powerful secondary ability of Shelly you can stun enemies in an arc infront of you. Use this to keep them away from your turrets, avoid damage or simple keep them chain-stunned with the help of your turrets. And the best thing about this elctrical attack is that it affects robots as well! Control the room and the enemies in it for success!

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If you want to play Shelly at an advanced level there’s a handy trick to learn: Rocket Knock-down! If you string together more than one use of her dodge charge it will give you added speed boost and knock-down everything around you in a short burst! This tenchnique is quite tricky to use as it leaves you vulnerable if you miss, but when executed correctly it gives you even more control of the battlefield!


Upgrades and Loadout

item_icon_loadout_medkit_simpleitem_icon_loadout_speedShelly works well with basically all loadouts but one to try out would be the “Mercenary”. It gives a Healthkit and a Speed powerup that can help with basic survival and running around a difficult room and placing turrets “behind enemy lines”.


gui_augmentation_icon_special_cooldowngui_augmentation_icon_ultimate_damage_upgradeThe Special attack cooldown upgrade let’s Shelly control the fighting better with increased use of her Electric Arc attack. The Ultimate ability damage upgrade then serves to boost the damage of her turrets, making them a formidable force!


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