riot focus

Our Hunter tactics series return, this time featuring our burly ex-security officer; Riot Ray! If you missed our previous installments, be sure to check them out and learn more about Kate Katana or Ivan Ironfist!

Riot Ray

Our third bounty hunter sure looks tough and sturdy, but don’t let down your guard. In Kill to Collect there’s no such thing as safe. While Riot Ray starts every bounty with a higher health pool than the others you must always be careful in Kill to Collect, as every health point counts! One of the best tactics when playing as Ray is actually to turn your back against the enemy, as often as you can! This is because Ray is equipped with an energy shield on his back. This shield protects him completely from any attack but breaks in the process, don’t worry though, give it some time and it recharges!

riot double shield

Hit and run tactics works like a charm when playing as Ray. Combining the shielded back with a trusty Riot Gun as his primary ability offers lots of tactical possibilities. Attack then quickly put your back against the enemy while you wait on your shotgun to reload. Range matters a lot for Ray as his shotgun is most effective up close. So work your way up to your enemies and hold your shot until you are as close as possible, or whittle away at their health from a safe distance. Risk and reward.

A word of caution on his special ability; just as with Kate you need to be careful when using it on mechanical enemies as they are immune to knock-down effects.

Upgrades and Loadout


item_icon_loadout_handcannonitem_icon_loadout_shieldWhen playing as Ray I often go for the “Protector” loadout which gives you a Handcannon and a Personal Shield. Now, having two shields might seem like overkill but as previously stated; every health point counts! Plus it looks cool!


gui_augmentation_icon_attack_upgradegui_augmentation_icon_speed_upgradeTo complement the Hit and Run tactics you can go for Speed and Primary ability damage upgrades. The increased speed gives you better mobility and the primary ability upgrade lets you maximize the damage dealt when going in for the kill!



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