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In these posts we’re giving you suggestions on strategies you can use when playing as the different characters of Kill to Collect. If you missed the first one featuring Kate Katana you can check it out here!

Ivan Ironfist

Awesome cybernetic arms. Sweet ass MP3 player that doubles as a teleporter. Our second playable character has this and more! Ivan Ironfist is a character with a lot of attitude, both in his visuals and especially in the way he plays. If you like to zip in and out of combat, dancing on the precipice of defeat, awaiting the perfect moment to strike, this is the character for you! Featuring a teleport dodge ability, Ivan excels at moving around the environments of Kill to Collect. Though to make up for this incredible movement he is also given a lower amount of starting health. This makes him what may be refered to as a “glass cannon”, strong and brittle at the same time.

Playing as Ivan revolves around getting the most use of his special ability; the Armorbreaker! A punch that explodes on impact and makes enemies take increased damage the next time they are hit. Figuring out how to best use this ability alongside his regular and ultimate ability is the true test for playing as Ivan. Do you go for the quick jabs and finish the enemy off or do you step back and maximise the damage of armorbreaker with a second armorbreaker? One important thing to keep in mind is to try and gather up a few enemies when using Armorbreaker, as it spreads to the nearest targets as well!

ivan multiple special hit_crop

Upgrades and loadouts


item_icon_loadout_proximity_mineitem_icon_loadout_proximity_mineAn interesting starting choice for Ivan would be to get the “Explosive” loadout. This loadout contains two sets of proximity mines that are triggered by your foes and explodes for significant damage. With Ivans ability to weave in and out of the battlefield he has the potential to place these mines in just the perfect spots.

gui_augmentation_icon_health_upgradegui_augmentation_icon_defensiveGetting health upgrades can help off-setting his weak starting health. Or if you’re more confident in your evasive abilities, a dodge upgrade or two can prove to be very useful in both offense and defense!


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