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Kill to Collect is a very challenging game. It may look like a hack n slash game or a twin stick shooter at first glance, but don’t be fooled! In order to succeed in the cyberpunk future that is Kill to Collect you need more strategy than brute force, although, some quick reflexes certainly don’t hurt as well! In this series of blog post we thought we’d share some helpful tips on how you can get the most out of the different characters in our game, starting with Kate!

But first some general tips when playing!

  • Try to remain calm and focused when playing Kill to Collect. It’s the best way to find a solution for tackling each room,  even though the situation may seem overwhelming at first. The game is meant to challenge both your reflexes as well as your tactical ability!
  • All enemies have a certain pattern and movement in their attacks, observe them and figure out the best way to beat each one. In Kill to Collect there are enemies that require you to get up close and personal, dodge their attacks and then dispatch them efficiently. Build up your courage and face those enemies head on!
  • When playing with friends try to synchronise the usage of your power up items. The power ups affect all players who are present in a room, so keep an eye out if one of your friends activate something helpful and use it to your advantage.

In this first part we will focus on how you can get the most out of Kate. If Kate isn’t your favourite character to play with, don’t worry, we’ll be covering the rest of our motley crew in upcoming posts!

Kate Katana

Kate is a solid choice for players of any level. She’s well rounded and have some very strong abilities that make her an excellent choice, both for new players just starting out as well as more experienced players trying to get a top score on the daily leaderboards! Powerful as she is though, she does have som drawbacks. Both her special and ultimate ability revolves around a powerful knock-down effect, which is superb against humanoid enemies, mechanical enemies are however a different story.

The various robots, drones and turrets of Kill to Collect are all immune to the knock down effect so be careful when facing that particular type of enemies. The damage portion of all her attacks work on everything and you should definitely use all your abilities against all enemies, if only for that extra damage!

Upgrades and loadouts

With Kate being such a well rounded character a great way to boost her effectiveness even further is to try and make the best use of the special weapons in the game! With everything from a flamethrower to a laser whip that you can get, there’s always a weapon that can help you in different situations.

item_icon_loadout_handcannon item_icon_loadout_medkit_simpleEven though the “Survivor” loadout is the very first to be unlocked in the game it’s still very potent! Picking this loadout with Kate gives her some confidence with a Medkit and a starting weapon that she can build upon with upgrades.


gui_augmentation_icon_pickup_weapon_damage Continuing on the theme of weapons, there are some great way to increase their effectiveness and usage through food upgrades. Going for a mix of increasing ammo and damage for special weapons will turn Kate into a formidable Hunter!


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