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Before releasing the game we wanted to outline the different game modes found in Kill to Collect; Story, Challenge and Free Hunt! Read on to learn the different ways you will be able to play the game!


In Kill to Collects Story mode we give you a look into the life of bounty hunters found in Geoshelter Alpha. The Story mode features a tailored journey through different environments and gives specific targets to hunt over several chapters. Seven chapters with different areas and gangs to fight. The bounties are given to you by Geoshelter inhabitants you meet in the Bounty Bar (which is also the game lobby) all with their own agendas and motivations. However, before you can get to your mark you need to go through it’s protectors. In order for you to find out where your target is you must first hunt the streets and soften up their accompanying gangs! Should you be able to progress through the whole story there are some sweet rewards to unlock for each character!

story screen



In the Challenge mode you hunt the streets for glory! A specific set of rooms and targets which are the same for everyone where your final score ends up on the leaderboards, so fight well! There are two types of challenges available, a repeatable and a one-try only. As the name suggests the one-try only gives you one shot at a score so make it count. The challenge mode resets every 24 hours so every day there’s a new challenge waiting for you!

challenge screen


Free Hunt

In the Free Hunt mode you will have access to all of the games content unlocked from the start! It’s a quick way to get a fresh new bounty from a specific gang without the pressure of challenge mode. We are making some changes to this game mode but didn’t have time to finish before release, expect a updated and improved version of this mode in a post-release patch!


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