Available April 21st!

We’re excited to bring you our first major content pack for Kill to Collect, and it’s free! In this new update, which will be available to all players this Thursday, we’ve added some improvements to current features and a whole arsenal of dangerous weapons and items for you to find! Keep reading for more details on all the new things you’ll be getting!

Warzone Game Mode

The Warzone game mode revamps and improves on the current Free Hunt game mode. We felt that the Free Hunt mode could be a lot more interesting and the result is an evolved version we renamed Warzone. Prepare to enter levels where you get to face a mix of all the enemies in the game, in longer levels and where you never know when the next health station, ammo station or item vendor is going to appear!

Fight your way through 3 increasingly difficult blocks of Geoshelter Alpha where everything is a warzone. If you fail a block, you have to restart on Block 1, regardless of any progress you have made. Make it through all 3 blocks and receive tons of credits, a new achievement and a new skin for your character.

In addition to fighting all enemies the game offers, we are also introducing minibosses! Minibosses can spawn in random rooms to make each run more of a challenge! They might not have as many special abilities as the big bosses, but you’ll have to fight them in much smaller areas. There will also be special Elite enemies in each level that makes things difficult for you.

Welcome to the Warzone, Hunter!

New Weapons!

We are introducing several new weapons, items and powerups to the game. We hope you will experiment with these new combinations and see what strategies they offer to take down the trash of Geoshelter Alpha!


Who doesn’t enjoy a great big hulking gun? Great range and fire-rate cuts through most enemies quickly but can you handle the pushback? They might be a rare to find or expensive to buy so if you get it, enjoy it!


A cheap and common Plasma Gun. Strange that you haven’t found it as they are common in all areas of Geoshelter Alpha. The Plasma Gun quickly fires three projectiles at enemies. Does high damage if all projectiles land. A cheap and dirty way to kill enemies quickly.


Be sure to aim carefully to make the most out of this powerful weapon. The Railgun pierces all enemies in a line and does large damage to them. Let’s see some nice skillshots if you can find this rare gun.


Does minor damage to enemies and stuns them. Use it to gain control of a room and get out of messy situations.


The Stun Grenade does not damage enemies but instead stuns them in a large area for a long duration. Any damage breaks the stun. Place some strategic Proximity Mines or focus down one pesky enemy while her friends are stunned to maximize the effect of the Stun Grenade.

New Items & Powerups!


This item pushes back all enemies in an area around you. Useful to create some distance between you and your foes in challenge rooms or when you are trapped in a corner.


Get your own Kamibot! This item give you three Kamibots to wreak havoc among your enemies. Time to make your enemies feel that special Kamibot panic.


This item slows down enemies in an area. Useful to control fast-moving enemies or take care of that miniboss.


This powerup makes all players reflect any damage taken back to their enemies. Players still take damage but now it actually serves a purpose.


This powerup makes all players move faster and do increased damage. But be careful! Players also takes more damage.

Balance Updates

We have also tweaked and fixed a lot of bugs and other minor issues. There will be changes to both enemies and hunters. More information and a detailed changelog of these tweaks will be released on thursday!


If any of these updates seems interesting you should definetely check out our dev streams this week! We’ll be giving you a quick look of the upgrade later this evening (April 19, 5pm UTC) and this Thursday (April 21, 5pm UTC) we’ll be playing the update alongside the community!



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