Since the release of our previous game we’ve been trying hard to come up with new ideas and interesting concepts, one of which is Project Torch. As the name suggests, we wanted to explore game play revolving around light/darkness mechanics and fire.

The premise is simple; the world is swept in an eternal darkness, use your torch to light it up again, one step at a time. In practice, this means setting fire to a lot of things to create safe havens where Enemies won’t spawn. As you explore more of the world, lighting up areas will make traversal easier.

Although we’re pretty excited by this Torch mechanic in theory, we have to prove that it also works as a game. Right now we’re testing a lot of different game play mechanics to see what sticks, and (maybe more importantly) discarding what doesn’t. It is a very challenging process but we are hopeful that the game will shape up so stay tuned for further updates!

More info at the Project Torch page: http://piecesinteractive.se/project-torch/

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