Magicka: WOOT

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Magicka: WOOT is a series of free content for Magicka that is loosely inspired by a certain athletic event.

Once every 400 years, wizards from all around Midgård gather to compete in the traditional WOOT sports and games festival. At least they say it’s every 400 years… There usually aren’t that many left to talk about it afterwards.

Nevertheless! Speed, strength, stamina, staff length – the powers of a true magick master will be determined at the games. But the competition is brutal; who will be the wizard champion of the world?

Magicka: WOOT allows players to join their favorite robed rapscallions as they make their way to a wizarding competition, only held once every few centuries in the land of Midgard. Aspiring sorcery athletes can face each other in the “Olympus Onslaught” PvP maps, trying to out-survive one another in the ever-changing Elemental Roulette arena, or try to stave off trench-foot in the Pool of Undeniable Moisture. Once those grudges are settled, wizards of all nations can band together for the Triathlon of Terror, skating across a strangely fiery patch of ice and dodging bottomless pits. We should probably mention that nobody told the monsters the Triathlon was in progress, so your chances of survival are pretty slim.

Using a slew of quasi-legal new sporting goods and magicks exclusive to challenge and PvP modes, wizards everywhere can compete for the gold, which they really need ever since they forgot how alchemy works.


  • 4 new PvP maps
  • 3 new Challenge maps
  • 10 new Sporting Goods items, including dumbbells, water bottles, and the Elevennis Racket
  • New “Athletic Techniques” magick, including Performance Enchantment and the crowd-pleasing Wave
  • Waves upon waves of nasty creatures who hate teamwork, wizards, and robes
  • The satisfaction of not having spent any money