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Deep down in the lower levels of Geoshelter Alpha there exists a gang called The Reclaimers. These wretched scum are infamous enough but their leader, Trasher Trish, is a cut above the rest. This is the story of how you as a player will hunt down and collect the bounty placed on her head!

This particular target made the mistake of messing with the wrong guy and you are out to set things straight. You will go after Trish in one of the games story missions, each with their own slice of life from the Geoshelter and ultimately weaving in to an overarching plot.

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As someone who is worth your time as a Hunter, Trish is far from a pushover. The targets of Kill to Collect are equipped with abilities and strength that your average lowlife could only dream of. The particular abilities of each target is presented as shown below once you get to the final floor of a mission.

In this case Trish has an active ability and a perk that boosts her allies around her. The Super Teleport allows her to escape from harms way and disrupt the flow of the fight while the Fast Projectiles perk increases the velocity of her and her allies ranged attacks.



Once she spots you she will of course taunt you in a classical fashion!

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What follows is hopefully a grand battle where you have to use your wit and expertise to hunt down Trish all the while being wary of her reinforcements! During the fight with a bounty target they will usually call on the aid of their trusted affiliates. As a Hunter it is your job to wether the storm, stay alive while finding the perfect timing to strike and in the end, Kill to Collect!

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