As we’re gearing up for the release of Kill to Collect we’re bringing you an anticipatory track from Tokyo Rose. We’ve given you a track from this artist before and todays one follows the same dark theme. It’s a harsh world in the underground of Geoshelter Alpha but we hope to see you there anyway once the game releases next Wednesday!

All of the games soundtrack will also be available as a separate DLC when the game launches on Steam!


Oym_enviroment_sketch_05 copy

Welcome to the world of Geoshelter Alpha, the last city on earth! In Kill to Collect you will work your way through the different levels and sectors of this massive underground city. From the darkest of slums to the darkest of factories (everything’s pretty much dark down here) you will hunt your target down. The levels usually come with their own sort of enemies, figuring out what might try to kill you for each place is important! For you to get a bit more familliar with the place, here’s a brief overview of the levels featured in the game!