Kill to Collect

focus kate

Kill to Collect is a very challenging game. It may look like a hack n slash game or a twin stick shooter at first glance, but don’t be fooled! In order to succeed in the cyberpunk future that is Kill to Collect you need more strategy than brute force, although, some quick reflexes certainly don’t hurt as well! In this series of blog post we thought we’d share some helpful tips on how you can get the most out of the different characters in our game, starting with Kate!



With the development of a game comes a lot of art work made in the process. Since you guys seem to enjoy the world and characters of Kill to Collect so much, we thought we should put together a few wallpapers for you! We have here two pictures of our promotional art leading up to the games release and a cool view of Geoshelter Alpha that’s used for the main menu of the game.