Dev Log


The bounty profession is not a glamorous thing and Geoshelter Alpha is a poor ass impression of a city, built wrongly. That is, downwards, not upwards. There is a reason for which many citizens prefer to never visit down below: there’s scarcely any law and order, and lots of odd folk that try to kill you, or so the rumors say. Yet a job is a job, and even bounty hunters need to eat. And there’s no food dispenser working without credits.  Its hard to make a living, these days. (more…)


Characters in games move around and express themselves through their actions. They can run and jump between skyscrapers, do summersaults to avoid a barrage of bullets or even make you flip their stepdad of in a fit of rage (Life is Strange hype!). These things are awesome, but they wouldn’t be possible if we couldn’t manipulate the character model.  So this is where rigging comes in.