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Welcome to the world of Geoshelter Alpha, the last city on earth! In Kill to Collect you will work your way through the different levels and sectors of this massive underground city. From the darkest of slums to the darkest of factories (everything’s pretty much dark down here) you will hunt your target down. The levels usually come with their own sort of enemies, figuring out what might try to kill you for each place is important! For you to get a bit more familliar with the place, here’s a brief overview of the levels featured in the game!

The Dark Alleys

No sane person enters this place without bodyguards or a decent sidearm. The depraved roam this filth-encrusted slum looking for scraps and easy marks. Occasionally some of the Mega Corps send purgers down here to cleanse the edges of the Dark Alleys since they are slowly growing with each passing day. The lower you get in the Geoshelter the harsher the environment is. This is where you’ll start in Kill to Collect and have to work your way upwards!

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Commercial Sector

The sun never shine in the depths of Geoshelter Alpha, and that means that you can nurture your vices at any hour. The commercial sector holds gambling dens, bars, drugstores, brothels and the occasional fighting pit. Fueled by credits of the lower class, this place eventually feeds into the Mega Corps or Slum Overlords that run these establishments.

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Megatech Factories

Megatech focus mostly on heavy machinery and bot production. They have recently had some serious “accidents” that have left their security crippled. Some of their factories have been claimed by vicious gangs, and many suspect a hostile takeover from the Biomedica Corp is imminent.

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Hab unit

This is where the bulk of the “normal” populace lives in the Lower Levels. Low-wage factory workers, families, clerks, mechanics and servants to name a few. Moderately safe, if you know how to avoid the sectors that are currently besieged by gangs or sternly “protected” by Corp Security.

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Biomedica Factories

One of the most prominent Corporations in the Lower Levels, Biomedica focuses on Biomata Enhancements for the Upper Level citizens. They have been granted the priveliege to produce advanced tech by Upper City contacts as long as they can produce enough parts to meet the increasing quotas. In the Lower Levels Biomedica Corporation is best known for having both high salaries and high worker casualty rate.

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